Hardware Upgrades and Installation Athens GA

We all use computer and laptops at home, when studying, for business or official work. This mean a computer stores very sensitive and important information. A computer may experience several problems such as hardware damage, CPU overheating, program corruption, and viruses to name just a few.
When an individual or a company loses data from a laptop or computer, it causes can create havoc and a lot of apprehension.   Fortunately, we are here to solve all types of computer problems as we are able to repair most models and makes of computers.

Hardware updates –It is always important to have your computer hardware updated on regular basis due
to the rate at which technology is improving. Even if your computer has been trouble-free for a long time, you may need to update your hardware to increase processing speed, for more and faster memory access and for software compatibility. Some of the hardware updates that you may require an update include RAM, hard drive, video card, processor, monitor and perhaps replacing the motherboard.

Virus removal- Computer viruses are a common problem that affects the operation of your computer.   If your computer has virus, contact us now and we will in most cases be able to remove the virus without losing any information or any computer data. We also can recommend an effective solution to keep any viruses in the future from infecting your PC.

Computer maintenance service- computer maintenance is very crucial. By constant updating your computer, it will be able to work properly and with speed, and also increase it lifetime. Our
computer maintenance services include installation of updated software,
hardware updates, rebooting and general inspection of the computer.

Networking and troubleshooting- Issues of networking and troubleshooting are very common. Since they tend to be somewhat complicated, contact us and we will send our experts to solve them.   These problems could be related to speed of your Wi-Fi as well as coverage.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We are a leading computer repair company that offers supreme quality for small and large companies as well as for individual’s. You can also inquire about our prices by a quick phone call or by email before making an appointment.